General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018

Dear Reader and Valued Customers,

The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) have now come into force in England.

Jack Shaw and Co are committed to upholding this new legislation and would like to ensure that you are happy to continue to receive communications, either electronically via e-mails, texts or through the post. This information will be for the purpose of informing you of products for sale, answering information requests, purchasing, Buying, forthcoming activity such as Antiques fairs and general information regarding, our mutual interest in silver and related subjects.

We would also like to keep a limited amount of information such as your Name, Address, Postcode and, if you have supplied it, your telephone / fax number on our filing system.

Jack Shaw and Co may keep either or both electronic and paper based information depending on the information and format in which it has been received from our customers and suppliers.

We can assure you that all the information we hold is solely for our use and it will not be given or sold to third parties [unless requested by the legislative authorities or enforcement officers]

If you are happy for us to hold this information you do not have to take any further action at this time.

If, however, at any time now or in the future, you would like us to remove your contact details or other information we have exchanged in the course of undertaking business please let us know and we will remove your records. This may be from a digital and or paper based system. Some detail will be retained to ensure we do not contact you again.

Unfortunately, the removal of such information could result in slower communications and longer response times between ourselves.

Should any person wish to have their records deleted they should contact Jack Shaw and Co either by telephone, mail or e-mail.

If any person should wish to have further detail regarding the information held or to discuss any related matter, please contact Jack Shaw and Co direct.